The 57th Aikawa area citizen large athletic meet(第57回相川地区市民大運動会)

It was held on Sunday, April 29 at the Aikawa elementary school.15 local governments participated in it .This athletic meet was held earliest this year in Kofu. Therefore Mayor Miyajima attended.The silk garden belongs to the SANDOU local government.From the silk garden, two adults, university student 13, junior high student one, primary schoolchild one participated.As for both the relay and the tug of war, the SANDOU local government was defeated in a qualifier. However, by the synthesis, it became the sixth place.We participated in a competition seriously from morning and supported you together and ate lunch. Therefore we were able to spend a happy day.We talked with Iijima, chairperson of SANDOU local government which was Yamanashi congressist, and Iwasa of the third grader brought a present.Because there were many elderly people in the SANDOU local government, everybody welcomed the participation of a young person very much.Participation of the next year was asked for by the local government. We want to win the championship next year.