The 41th Shingen-Ko Festival (第41回信玄公祭り)

The Shingen public festival was held on April 7.The new student of silk garden went by 12 persons in all to inspect.In the Shingen public festival "shell National Guard team going to war", the challenge to the Guinness world record TM "LARGESTGATHERING OF SAMURAIS (a samurai's maximum set record)" was held, and the No.1 authorization of the world was received by 1,061 persons this year.

The name of Takeda Shingen has echoed throughout Japan for over four hundred years,from the age of the samurai to the present day.The Shingen-ko Festival celebrates the legacy of this famous Koshu warlord. Travel back in time to witness a grand parade reenacting the Koshu Battalion Deployment of Takeda Shingen's warriors, a moment so often portrayed in Sengoku Era picture scrolls.But the festivities commemorating this grand occasion do not end there.Three packed days of unforgettable activities await you in Kofu City.

4月7日信玄公祭りが開催されました。シルクガーデンの新入生は、総勢12名で見学にいきました。今年は、信玄公祭り「甲州軍団出陣」において、ギネス世界記録TM「LARGEST GATHERING OF SAMURAIS(侍の最大集合記録)」への挑戦を行い、1,061人にて世界一の認定を受けました。